I realized the other day that I have been prayed for by literally more than 100 people in my lifetime, which to me is a big number.

And then the number 10 popped into my mind, and I felt like the Lord said that on any given day, I have at least 10 people mentioning me in their prayers.

I also finally realized that home really is not far away at all from A&M. I can’t keep my Christianity a secret unfortunately.

Being born again and trying to be in and of the world just does not work. I’m support raising to go on a Summer Project, and I hate that people are going to think I’m really religious, when what I want most is to be seen as normal, since I want a really successful career and to not be seen as someone with a list of don’ts, which my cousin and a few friends think of me as.

Why the hell should I worry about what man thinks about me? The only opinion that matters is God’s, and His ways are higher and better than my ways.

But anyways, back to writing my essay. Whoop.


One thought on “5/7

  1. And that does not even include all the clouds of witnesses who cheer you on and pray for you in the spiritual realm. How amazing it is to know that in the spirit realm I have a cloud of witnesses praying for and cheering me on when I can not go on. And even more than that Jesus Himself and Holy Spirit are also constantly praying for me to Abba. Yes, we are sure surrounded by those who have walked before us…

    As for your mission trip… let go of religious attitudes and just go to serve. God has given you a chance to serve so don’t worry about what others think. Let go of the religion and be in the relationship. When we let go of the religious do’s and don’ts and let God lead us we become so amazed at where He takes us. So I challenge you to let go of the rules of religion and engage in the relationship of being daughter of the King of Kings!!!

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