I don’t think I will ever judge somebody who smokes ever again.

On Saturday night while I was talking to my cousin’s friend, and thinking about the future that is ahead of me, he was smoking, and I swear the uncertainty I felt about life after college made me almost ask him if I could take a drag. But I didn’t because I don’t ever want to smoke, and it’s expensive, and unhealthy, and it’s not good to turn to a substance when feeling emotional.

That was the weirdest temptation ever. These past few months, the temptations I’ve faced have been absolutely crazy. I mean, being an adult, temptations are just thrown at you like crazy, at least in my case.

I’m much more prone to turn to alcohol than smoking, which isn’t that much better, but I am just amazed at how me of all people was tempted to smoke.

And then last night there was a party in my living room, where everybody was doing hookah, and I heard from probably the smartest person I’ve ever met, that you can get demons by doing weed, and I’m not sure how much better hookah is.

What is up with the world closing in on me, tempting me the way it has lately. If it weren’t for my absolute trust in Scripture, I think I would have fallen even harder by now. I’ve stumbled badly in several ways these past few years, but I have no doubt that I’d be in worse shape were it not for my fear of the Lord, and my realization that if everybody slept with anybody they wanted, and didn’t do unto others as they would have people do unto them, and had no respect for the law, WOW society would be a mess and we wouldn’t be able to relate to each other in healthy and good ways.

The Bible basically gives us instructions and help for making a happy and good community. If everybody behaves and fears the Lord and the law of the land, bam. Much happiness and prosperity and peace.


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