If one member suffers, all suffer together. (1 Cor. 12:26)

Today, someone on my team looked downcast, and I insisted that we pray for him.

If I truly love my brother, which I do– of course I want to pray for him. I mean, it’s a given.

And something I figured out recently, is that we don’t know when our friends and family will die. When given an opportunity to bless somebody, it’s good to take advantage, because regrets aren’t awesome. I mean, God forbid that my cousin die before I go see her this fall… It was nice to send her a little package with a book and card inside.

I know that I went out of my way, and spent a little money, to show her that I love her so much.

God, Your ways are truly perfect. You hate things like school shootings, anxiety, slavery, racism… 

And You are patient with me. I definitely needed to go on this mission trip to get rid of some apathy and work on some fears and get some emotional and spiritual growth.

Thanks Dad. 


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