You surround me with a song of deliverance from my enemies ’til all my fears are gone.

I’m no longer a slave to fear… I am a child of God.

You split the sea so I could walk right through it,

My fears were drowned in perfect love.

You rescued me so I could stand and sing

I am a child of God.

It feels like the Lord has definitely been telling me that I need to stop being such a snob and so picky and skeptical concerning worship music, and give songs a chance… I’ve found more than ten new and great songs these past few weeks, because of Pandora. They’ve really been so helpful and encouraging and uplifting, and I wouldn’t have been blessed by them if I had just skipped them and not given them a chance.

Today I also learned how important it is to declare out loud that I am a child of God.

The devil needs to be reminded, my soul needs to be reminded, the world needs to be told…

I am a child of God.

It’s the greatest thing. I’m not His enemy anymore, but I’m loved and chosen and adopted and redeemed, and His love is what needs to be more compelling than the sinful things that mesmerize me.

Jesus. I need Him all day, every second, to help me stay away from those things that steal, kill, and destroy. I need His perfect love and the strength and joy He gives so that I can have a clean heart and thoughts, so that I can avoid the sorrow and heartache that follows sin… When it feels like the world has closed in on me, and I feel trapped and unable to avoid sin, He is more than able to deliver me.

I’ve been really lucky lately, experiencing spontaneous, unexpected times where I just feel so stirred and touched by His love and presence that all I can do is cry, and a few days ago, a woman paid my family’s tab at Olive Garden. Which was great.

I am a child of God.

I am a child of God.


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